Art of Swords

1. A weapon consisting typically of a long, straight or slightly curved, pointed blade having one or two cutting edges and set into a hilt.
2. An instrument of death or destruction.

TEMPL Schiavona

  • Original: Venetian, circa 1750

This hilt of this complex schiavona, created by Patrick Bárta of TEMPL Historic Arms, is of a form categorized by Ewart Oakeshott as a Type 2 variant. It is characterized by its single row of chevron-shaped bars between the two diagonal upper bars forming the “basket”. All the hilt’s components are crafted from 300-year-old iron, showing the inclusions from the antique material, and is completely forge-welded in construction.

The various bars of the hilt are decorated with incised lines. The leather-covered grip is firmly stitched and fitted over a spiral-bound grip core. The rear quillon is left in-tact, and un-bent, as can be seen on many originals. A thumb-ring completes the hilt arrangement on the rear.

The blade is particularly detailed, having incised lines following its fuller and ricasso, stamped diamonds and crosses, and a F E R R A R A stamp within the fuller of one side of the blade. The brass pommel is of “cat’s head” design and is precisely decorated with a textured background and dots surrounding its edges. An eight-pedaled “flower-shaped” boss sits centered on each face.

The blade was made in accordance with an example mounted on a schiavona in Malbork, Poland. The hilt was inspired by an example in Lysice Castle, and the original pommel and scabbard that provided inspiration can be found in a Prague museum. The wood-cored scabbard, covered in leather and finished with decorative brass accents, was crafted to match an example found in Prague. It has decorative cutouts on its chape and a hook to hold it into its carrier.

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